Houses & Neighborhoods

There are all different kinds of houses in Griffinopolis. There are painted houses. There are wooden houses. There are fancy houses. There are plain houses. The houses come in all different shapes. There are houses and duplexes. They don’t want people to keep building more so it’s a big hustle-bustle place. There aren’t any apartment buildings.

Most neighborhoods are big, but some are small. The smallest neighborhoods have 12 or 13 houses, and the biggest have 20 or 25 houses. Neighborhoods have businesses, shops, and grocery stores too.

There are parks in Griffinopolis too. There are parks with lots of trees. There are parks with just a few trees. There are also dog parks.

There are wide avenues. It is nice to be on an avenue. There are wide sidewalks where people walk. The avenues aren’t very busy but busy enough. There are big and little cars but all don’t spend much gasoline. Gasoline isn’t expensive.