Donn is a kind of Griffinese dog. There are four sizes of donns. Donns are smart.

The four sizes of donn

Dogs in Griffinopolis can be three colors: black, white, or brown. They have short tails, that’s why you can’t see them in the picture. Washtub donns are curly. In most places you get to take your dogs in, including restaurants.

Cohahoahan, another Griffinese dog

Cohahoahan (co-AH-oh-ah-en) is another kind of Griffinese dog. The name Cohahoahan translates roughly to “Griffinese tapertail.” They are extremely proud of their tails which are long and silky. You have to be careful not to offend the Cohahoahan especially about its tail. They have lots of hair and have to be brushed every day. They are about as big as a chocolate lab.